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Liana Shanti

Photos by Liana Shanti


Surrounded by the ever changing wildness of ocean and fire, my art offers a window into the quantum energy field of life. All of life is the creative process, but for so many people, the creative life force that runs through our bodies is blocked, cut off, and choked out by the deep conditioning of the matrix. The false linear matrix that surrounds us causes us to lose touch with our "Creator" nature, and replace it with conditioned reactions to daily life instead.

My art offers a path to full expression of the creative life force, and to rise above and beyond all labels that restrict us to a time, a place and an identity which is fleeting.

When we connect to the Quantum Field, it is in that place, the place far beyond me separate from you, that we meet in a field of unconditional love. I invite you to explore this path with me. If you'd like to hear more about my personal journey, you can read more here.

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